What does it mean for you?

SageWest has reduced and set fixed pricing on several common procedures, so you’ll know how much a service will cost before you have it performed. We created upfront fixed pricing on select procedures for you. So you can make the best health care choices.

Call 856-4161 in Riverton or 332-4420 in Lander for specific pricing. We encourage you to talk to your physician.

Know Before You Go

The following outpatient procedures are featured on the SageWest fixed pricing menu. Pricing is for hospital fees only. Actual out-of-pocket costs may differ based on the patient’s insurance plan.

Colonoscopy, with biopsy: $3,500
Colonoscopy, without biopsy: $2,500
Echocardiogram: $2,700
Mammogram Diagnostic: $425
Mammogram Screening: $295
MRI Extremity Lower, with contrast: $3,200
MRI Extremity Lower, without contrast: $2,200
Nuclear Test: $7,200
Stress Test: $5,900