Employee of the Month...

January 10, 2020

Congratulations to our December SageWest Employee of the Month, Rod Printz, RN who is a Clinical Care Coordinator. Rod continually goes above and beyond in serving each and every patient to ensuring we are providing the highest quality of care and service to our family members, friends and neighbors.


“Today, I heard Rod walking down the hall with someone I assume to be a family member, clearly explaining the steps they were taking to ensure that the correct conditions were diagnosed so that the facility could create a care plan to address the condition. The extra time and explanation Rod provided, was invaluable to this patient’s family member in providing comfort and better understanding.”


This speaks for itself – Rod’s lives excellence and has a passion to serve others. He is a true team player as he supports fellow staff members during challenges with his professional demeanor and upbeat attitude.

We are proud to have you on our SageWest team Rod!


It is with great honor that we announce our November SageWest Employee of the Month, Pam Snyder, CNA who is always a pleasure to work with and has an obvious warmth and dedication towards caring for our patients and creating a healing environment. She is a difference maker who engages our patients in their care and is proactive in providing information to patients and their family members.


Pam is a self-starter and has a consistent positive attitude where she always sees the silver lining of an impending difficult shift. She communicates well with the entire caregiver team and exemplifies a strong camaraderie with her co-workers.

Congratulations Pam and thank you for being a difference maker!