Keeping Quality Care Close to Home

October 20, 2017

I have been on the board of directors at SageWest for over four years.  I am and have been committed to supporting the efforts at SageWest to provide high quality and safe health care for all of Fremont County.  Like most people I hoped I would not need the services of our hospital as a patient or supporter. That being said, you can’t predict what is around the corner.  Not too long ago, my father was admitted to SageWest, and, because of that, I now have a far deeper appreciation of our community hospital.  We experienced firsthand what it was like to be on the receiving end of high quality care.  

During my father’s hospital stay, the attentiveness and compassion of all of the staff was incredible. Every single aspect of our visit – from the registration process, to diagnostic testing and even transferring between units – was smooth and seamless. I saw the medical staff provide compassionate care with kindness and professionalism, which made the experience less overwhelming for my family. I am happy to say how fortunate we are to have these hospitals right here in our communities, providing quality healthcare close to home.

The word “quality” has become an important buzz word in the healthcare industry, and for good reason. Quality means different things to different people.  I can only give my personal testimonial that the care at SageWest meets the highest expectations for quality and safety every day.

For all of these reasons and more, I am so proud of our hospitals and the exceptional work that is happening here consistently.  I am proud of all the people within the system that tirelessly work at this high level every day.  I’m thankful for the essential role it plays in providing high quality care for my family, my friends, and the entire community.  I am proud to say that my family chooses SageWest for our healthcare needs.