Outpatient Services now offered 2 Saturdays/month

March 1, 2018

Need a radiology exam or lab screening?

Outpatient services now offered 2 Saturdays/Month

Finding time in your busy schedule to care for yourself during the weekday and taking time off from work to do so is sometimes not an option. We know it’s still a necessity.

SageWest Health Care is making it easier on patients by offering Outpatient Services every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Walk-in for certain lab screenings and x-rays. For a deeper look with a CT, MRI, or Physical Therapy- please schedule an appointment.

Outpatient Services now available on the following Saturdays from 8AM to 12PM.

· 1st Saturday of the month, SageWest Riverton

· 3rd Saturday of the month, SageWest Lander

Walk-In: Lab screenings and x-rays

Schedule: CT, MRI, and Physical therapy

To schedule or for more information call 856-4161 in Riverton or 332-4420 in Lander. Please consult with your physician as physician orders are required for specific tests.